Two Yellow Dogs

A poem I wrote in August 2006.

When sitting at your desk, exhausted, mad
Already wishing that your work was done
And thinking of the awful day you’ve had
And hearing, “If you know your name, press one,”
Remember that two dogs at home await –
Two tails that droop, but soon will come alive –
Two noses sniffing just above the gate
The moment you first pull into the drive.

There’s Misty – she’s the one who looks depressed
Our martyr dog, perpetually abused
Who gives each midnight bark her very best
And aerates briefly when she gets confused.
She grunts and groans for manatee effect
And droops her tail to mourn her doggy plight –
And though no one has called her circumspect,
She saves us from the boogers every night.

There’s Brandy, in her finest regal pose –
She sometimes barks (but only when it’s real)
She follows Dad no matter where he goes
And helps her sister finish every meal.
Arlene says Brandy’s beautiful – it’s true,
She likes to let her pretty hairs roam free
And when she whines, she’s only asking you
To let her O – U – T – S – I – D – E.

Two yellow dogs, each morning when you rise
Two yellow dogs, each evening still awake
And certainly two pairs of hopeful eyes
To watch each bite of supper that you take.
So go to meetings, get your daily fill
Of those reports you’d really rather burn
But as you do, remember, there are still
Two yellow dogs awaiting your return.


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