Other fan stuff

⭐ = a personal favorite

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Music video:

Thrift Shop (January 2014) ⭐

I think this is the first music video I ever did. Something about this song just seems to cry out for a video.

Fan art:

I’m not especially good at drawing. But I think we (meaning adults in general) are often too worried about whether our art is “good enough” to show people. We don’t want to be embarrassed. Kids don’t have that problem — they’re too busy making pictures. In that spirit, here’s some stuff that I had fun drawing.

Pencil sketches and drawings (January 2014)

Some of these look like ink drawings because I turned up the contrast for visibility, but they’re all pencil. I did digital colorizations for several of them.

Valentines: AzulaZuko (January 2014) ⭐

If your dude/lady doesn’t swoon over these, it’s time to find a new dude/lady. Based on these two sketches.

Ink drawings: KataraAangToph (November 2013)

I like the effect of using blue pen ink for Katara’s blue clothes.


Postmortem: Korra (January 2015)

Postmortem: Avatar (November 2013)

My thoughts on Avatar and Korra in general.

Transcendence in “Siege of the North” (November 2015)

Transcendence in “Iroh’s Tale” (July 2015)

Two entries in my “Transcendence” series — talking about moments in stories that transcend ordinary storytelling and offer a glimpse of something higher.

Babylon 5


And so it begins (December 2012)

You tell ’em, Kosh.

Inside Out


Postmortem: Inside Out (July 2015)

I review one of my favorite Pixar movies.

Legend of Zelda

Fan art:

Steampunk Triforce (November 2012)

I traced the overall shape, but the details are my own creation. The version above is a digital colorization of this ink original.

Link drawing the Master Sword (November 1999)

A poster-size drawing, colored pencil and ink, that I did when I was fourteen.


The Wind Fish (December 2012)

A quote from Link’s Awakening.

Neon Genesis Evangelion


Ben & Brian fan sub (May 2013) ⭐

After years of work, Ben and I finally completed our bizarre, ridiculous, glorious masterpiece. We took the episode “Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!” of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion — Japanese with English subtitles — and rewrote the subtitles to say completely different things. The end result is hilarious to us, and rather puzzling to everyone else.

Not currently available online, because we don’t hate the Internet that much.


Transcendence: Anime Musical Perfection (August 2015)

Some notes on a beloved scene from the episode “Both of You, Dance Like You Want to Win!” (Which, admittedly, is a pretty dumb title for an episode.)



Transcendence: Security (November 2015)

Transcendence: Lucy’s Stars (July 2015)

Two more entries in the Transcendence series. “Lucy’s Stars” is a careful look at my favorite Peanuts strip of all time. “Security” is very short, but still kind of cool.



Attack of the Killer Jigglypuff (circa 2000)

I went through a brief phase in high school where I made short animated GIFs, frame by frame, in MS Paint. This one’s my favorite. I’m not saying it makes sense or anything — I just like it.

Star Trek

Image manipulation:

Cadet Trube (August 2016)

I didn’t tell Ben Trube I was going to do this, but he’s a pretty good sport. Another Paint.NET creation.

Chief O’Brien meme (May 2016)

Something dumb I created because it made me laugh.

Fan fic:

Rimshot (March 2014)

Calling this a “story” might be an exaggeration, but it was fun to write. The Doctor’s in it, too.


Transcendence: System Failure (June 2015)

A look at the TNG episode “The Offspring.”


Live long and prosper (December 2012)

You have to do the hand gesture when you read it.

Star Wars


Yoda vs. Everybody (March 2004)
1. Intro
2. Yoda vs. Emperor Palpatine
3. Yoda vs. Batman
4. Yoda vs. The Super Mario Bros.
5. Yoda vs. Gandalf
6. Yoda vs. Neo
7. Yoda vs. Alien
8. Yoda vs. Leonardo
9. Yoda vs. Taz
10. Yoda vs. King Arthur
11. Yoda vs. Samara Morgan
12. Yoda vs. Superman
13. Yoda vs. Spider-man
14. Yoda vs. The Death Star
15. Yoda vs. The Borg Collective
16. Yoda vs. Sonic the Hedgehog
17. Yoda vs. Charlie Brown
18. Yoda vs. Spock
19. Yoda vs. A Random Ninja
20. Yoda vs. James Bond
21. Yoda vs. Godzilla
22. The Final Battle ⭐
23. Outtakes and deleted scenes

A 20-minute animated video I made during my first year of college. I had little skill with video or graphical editing, but I had a lot of enthusiasm. I made the whole thing, frame by frame, in MS Paint. More details of the story here. Originally all one long video, I chopped it up for YouTubing purposes.

The quality is … well, let’s not dwell on that. But I had a hell of a lot of fun making it. And I still think #22, the Final Battle, is pretty sweet. Slow start, but it picks up at about 1:32.

Super Mario Bros.


Thank you, Mario! But … (December 2012)

Maybe Mario should just go to Bowser’s castle first?

Tolkien’s world

Fan fiction:

Epic! (February 2003)

A parody of The Silmarillion, although there’s no explicit reference to any of Tolkien’s works.


In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit (December 2012)

“On a blank leaf I scrawled: ‘In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.’ I did not and do not know why.”

World of Warcraft

Fan fiction:

Scourge Chat Log (March 2009) ⭐

There’s a story behind this one. Back when I worked in IT/cubicle world, a friend and coworker (who was also a big WoW fan) told me about a writing contest sponsored by WoW creator Blizzard. Now, I’ve never been into WoW — I had an account for all of a few hours, long ago — but I’m a sucker for a writing contest.

The result was the Scourge Chat Log, which imagines the major villains of WoW (such as Sargeras and the Lich King) chatting it up online. It’s a goofy little thing, and it didn’t meet the rules of the contest, so instead I just gave it to my friend, who posted it on a WoW forum.

The post went viral in a small way, getting over 100,000 views, and prompting me to launch a new blog — Coffee With Sargeras — that was fairly popular and lasted three months. One of the coolest things to happen during that time was an online audio adaptation of the original piece, created by the folks at WoW Radio (now defunct).

The Scourge Chat Log isn’t exactly fan fiction — I wasn’t really a fan, and it’d be hard to call it fiction — but it’s special to me anyway.